The Top New Home Jobs

The Internet is strongly becoming a gold mine for those of us who want to do some mining. The gold is being able to work from home! I have listed the top “5” hottest new home jobs that are becoming increasingly worldwide opportunities.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is a Top Home Based Business for Stay-at-Home Parents?

What is a Top Home Based Business for Stay-at-Home Parents?
By Charles Fuchs

Wanting to stay at home with your children, but not sure how you can still contribute financially to your family can put you in a quandary. However, working from home can be a flexible option allowing you to have a family and work, too. However you want to work in a top home based business that is proven effective and financially effective for stay-at-home parents. Knowing what options you have will help you choose a top home based business for stay-at-home parents.

The first top home based business for stay-at-home parents is medical transcription. This top home based business can work for you if you have a good command of the English language and the ability to type well. This top home based business also require little overhead and equipment. Accounting is another top home based business for stay-at-home parents, though you will need accounting skills to conduct the job effectively.

Since you are already caring for your own children all day, you may take advantage of another top home based business in the field of child care. This top home based business allows you to spend time with your children, but do note that many states have standards as to the number of children you can care for in your home along with health and safety standards that must be met.

Do you like to cook? Catering is another top home based business for stay-at-home parents. You can do a lot of the work at home, but this top home based business also allows you to get out of the house a little bit to cater an event. If you are creative, but cooking is not your thing, craft making and selling is another top home based business. Crafts are easily marketed, and this home based business allows you to work around your children’s schedules.

Writing skills can also open opportunities for a top home based business. You can freelance write articles for magazines, newspapers, e-zines, websites, businesses, and more. Publishing and writing e-books is another way to get involved in a top home based business.

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Top 5 Freelance Writing Jobs Listings

Top 5 Freelance Writing Jobs Listings
By Jason Parker

Whether you’re just starting to search the net for freelance writing jobs or you’ve been doing it for years—if you want to score jobs, this article is for you.

After searching high and low, every corner, every avenue, every gray area—every freelance writing jobs site on the net—I’ve come up with a top 5 list of the greatest freelance writing jobs listing sites. The following sites you need to visit daily if you want to bring in steady work. Jobs are being posted around the clock, and the best part is that these top five sites are free to use. is a massive database of classified ads and job listings. will lead you to CraigsList San Francisco; whereas, all other major cities such as New York and Atlanta, are included in sub-domains. For instance, search for freelance writing jobs in Atlanta by going to is first on all major search engines. The site contains a regularly updated freelance writing jobs listing in three fields—High-Paying, Low-Paying, and Non-Paying. Since it’s such a popular site, you really have to watch the listings like a hawk if you’re to score jobs. is an amazing search engine that pulls from sites such as Monster, CraigsList, and all major sites. You get all freelance writing jobs listings on the net at the convenience of one site. presents a similar idea as Indeed. Through ten pages of RSS feeds, it pulls from at least 90% of freelance writing jobs listings on the net. Feeds are also organized by major US cities and particular key word searches. is another site that’s been around for a while, one that will show up on your first page of a major search engine. The freelance writing jobs listing is smaller, yet you don’t have to deal with the spammers and scammers who post at and

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Top 5 New Home Jobs

As I have researched and also explained in my other articles (for those of my faithful followers know) the Internet is strongly becoming a gold mine for those of us who want to do some mining. The gold is being able to work from home! Here are the top “6” hottest new jobs that I have compiled:

Affiliate Marketing
Basically… You sell other peoples products. However you do not really need to sell them because the company is already doing that for you. Your job is only to make people aware of those products and educate them about them. And then give them a link to the website where they can buy it. However not mention the commission that you get when their ads are clicked on your website or blog.

Writing Articles
Can you imagine, just by writing articles (And you really don’t have to be an English Major), I can earn money and a decent income? For a good article, people are willing to pay a nice bit of cash, sometimes even more. However don’t get me wrong, you need to make sure you are writing about some decent content and readers must be able to understand you. The name of the game is to continuously draw your readers. (Get it… Draw… your readers… just thought it was a bit funny….hmm)

Blog Writing
This is by far my favorite! Writing Blogs for profit. You can generate a bit of nice income to a large income. Blogs with a combination of Adsense is a nice legit way of getting paid. (To learn more please feel free to visit my blog) You can do sooo much with these little Blogs. Cha Ching!

Data Entry
Data entry work at home jobs are one of the areas that will grow rapidly. Data Entry duties can include: filling forms, making reports, processing data, copying data, documenting information and etc. Companies always need data to be inputted in some way fashion or form. If you were not the type of person that wants to do marketing and sales, then this would be a great route to go. With a bit of research you can find a lot of great legit at home data entry jobs available. You can find some of them on online classified ad sites like,, and career builders just to mention a few, but even then you need to be careful in choosing something that is real and always ask for contact information from the employer. Remember, these websites are not responsible for the content on how legit it is. It is absolutely your job to figure that out.

Mystery Shopper
Last, it is a fun type of job and you not only get paid for the assignment, but you can even get reimbursed for what you spent. Yes, that is the mystery shopper. I don’t really recommend it… however if you are just looking for something “FUN” with very minimal income then this might be something for you. This is not by all means a money making program or to be substituted for bonafide fulltime employment, it is just a hot NEW trend to work from home.

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